About Justin

About Justin

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Growing up with a desire to be understood, Justin has emerged as a rising musical star, using his personal journey as fuel for his artistic expression. Blending elements of Alternative Pop and Hip-Hop, he has crafted a unique sound that pushes boundaries and defies categorization. Justin’s music seamlessly combines introspective lyricism with vibrant soundscapes, striking a balance between darkness and beauty.

Justin’s own experiences with substance abuse and mental health challenges have given him a profound understanding of resilience and the importance of self-discovery. Music has become his platform for self-expression, allowing him to transcend personal struggles and connect with audiences on a universal level. With a raw and authentic approach, Justin’s lyrics delve into the depths of his emotions, conveying messages of overcoming obstacles and finding inner strength.


Justin Clancy- Artist

Justin Clancy- Artist

Timeline Of Justin Clancy

From nominations at the Boston Music Awards to being featured at the infamous Warped Tour, discover the incredible trajectory of Justin’s artistic journey.


  • 2013 - The Journey Starts

    In 2013, Justin dove into his musical endeavors.

  • 2018 - First Album (The Color Blue)

    Released his debut album "The Color Blue".

  • 2018 - Vans Warped Tour

    Featured in the final Vans Warped Tour.

  • 2018 - Boston Music Awards Nominee

    Nominated for New Artist of the Year, Album/EP of the Year, Music Video of the Year, & Unsigned Artist of the Year

  • 2019 - Boston Music Award Nominee

    Nominated for Pop Artist of the Year.

  • 2022 - Boston Music Award Nominee

    Nominated for Pop Artist of the Year.

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